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Art Awareness


 Art Awareness


  •   Art Awareness at Builta is a very fun experience and does not require any prior knowledge or skill in art to facilitate. Our program runs from January to May and consists of one approximately 45-60 minute visit to the classroom per month to present an artist/artwork and lead a simple art project.


  • Volunteers work in teams or as individuals, depending on how many volunteers there are in each classroom and the preference of those volunteers.  Each class is given a specific artist for each month and there are many resources that can be used to do a presentation for the class. We have PowerPoint presentations available online for all our artists and both a physical and online resource file for each one. I am also available to brainstorm ideas or answer questions when needed.  You may volunteer for your child's room or if working with your own child is problematic, you can volunteer for a different class.


  •  For a little more information about our program, please check visit this link:
Art Awareness Folder
  • If you are interested in being an art awareness volunteer, please contact Sandy Mikulcik (, the Art Awareness Coordinator.  Please indicate the classroom in which you would like to volunteer in your email.


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