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The Builta Elementary PTA conducts significant activities through its various committees that support Builta Elementary students and teachers. Members of the PTA can take advantage of special pricing or additional perks in a majority of these events. Additional information can be obtained through the “Programs” section of this website.  

   ➢     At the beginning of the year the PTA provides for assignment notebooks for its students and conducts back to school events

   ➢     School directory for all PTA members

   ➢     Social events like monster bash, bingo nights, restaurant nights 

   ➢     Educational events like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) activities, science fair, art awareness, multicultural events

   ➢     School improvement by donating a projection screen to make assemblies better, sign maintenance, outdoor classroom in collaboration with IPEF

   ➢     Multiple teacher appreciation events, staff breakfast 


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