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Global Traveling Mural

Reported by on 11/18/21

This year Builta students are participating in the Global Traveling Mural Project. The project started in 2018 by librarian Shannon McClintok Miller. On her blog she stated the purpose of the project... "With the Traveling Mural Project, we will be connecting with other school communities around the world to create murals of peace, friendship, diversity and love. The theme and design of the mural your community create is up to you! That is what will make this project so unique and personal."

Mrs. De Farno signed Builta up for the project and worked with fifth grade students to design and create the mural. Fifth grade students chose a design that reflects our school theme "Building Bridges, Keeping Kids First." Next fifth graders made a bridge, and then cut out flowers, hearts, people, stars, and scenery for other grade levels to color. Then fifth graders organized and glued the pieces to create the mural. After taking a picture of the mural, Mrs. De Farno cut it into to ten one foot pieces. Builta will keep one piece and mail the other pieces to eight schools across the United States and one to a school in China. Each of those schools will mail one piece back to Builta and the fifth graders will assemble the pieces into a new mural.

5N with Mural
- 5N with Mural

5T with Mural
- 5T with Mural

5N with Mural Image ( jpg)

5T with Mural Image ( jpg)

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