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Sharing Basket at Lunch

Reported by Kim_Stephens@ipsd.org on 2/2/17

Dear Parents,

At Builta, we encourage students to eat all of the food in their lunch to insure that they are fully nourished for their day at school. However, we do have times when students who take the hot lunch option would prefer not to eat food that is a required part of their meal. (Under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 and the National School Lunch Program, the required components of a "meal" to be offered include: fluid milk, grains, meat/meat alternates, fruits, and vegetables. Students are required to take 3 of the 5 components offered and one component must be a full serving of fruit or vegetable.) Students will sometimes throw perfectly edible food in the garbage. At the same time, we have students who request more food to eat at lunch or to have something for a snack during the school day.

As a result of both of these needs, we will have a “Sharing Basket” located in the MPR during lunch periods. Students who take food from the hot lunch line and decide they do not want to eat it, can donate the food to the basket to be shared with other students. Students may NEVER donate food from home to the Sharing Basket. However, students who bring a lunch from home may take food from the Sharing Basket if they wish.

Below are some guidelines to follow to ensure the safe operation of this program:
1. Students must check with a lunch supervisor before either donating or taking food from the Sharing Basket.
a. Supervisors will check to make sure that the student had enough to eat before s/he donates.
b. Supervisors will check to make sure that the food is indeed from the hot lunch line and meets the requirements of what can be donated.
c. Supervisors will also check the food allergy list provided by our nurse, and will not allow children with food allergies to take food.
2. Food must either be pre-packaged or whole fruits or vegetables with skin intact.
3. ONLY food that was served to a student from the serving line may be deposited into the basket. No food from home can be donated to the basket.
4. Once served from the serving line, food may not be placed back on the serving line.
5. Builta will not be sharing milk and other items that must be refrigerated as we do not have the means to refrigerate.
6. Aramark Food Service staff cannot handle the food once it leaves the service line.

If you would like to request that your child NEVER be allowed to choose food to eat from the Sharing Basket, please notify your child’s teacher.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this program. Because this is a new program that we are implementing, your feedback provided to us to better meet your needs will be greatly appreciated.

Kim Stephens


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